Latin Blues Experience starring Javier Vargas feat. Dalmau 

At Heart ibiza (by Adrià Brothers & Cirque du Soleil) 

Produced & Directed by David Arnoldi

The creative process leads David Arnoldi to fuse art and music in the great and wonderful project called ¨Latin Blues Experience¨, realized on September 2016, where Dalmau's paints became alive trough light and movement. Performed by The Vargas Blues Band and recorded in a Unique and emblematic place, HEART IBIZA, creating a wonderful and unforgettable fusion of art plastic and music resulting in a Blu-Ray live record.


¨Latin Blues Experience¨ is a show that defines itself like ¨art in the purest way¨. The mastery of Javier Vargas playing guitar and the spirit on the stage this, together to the talent and art of Dalmau who through the painting, captures and recreates the essence of a festival atmosphere and anonymous multitude. David Dalmau created original pieces from chosen songs of Vargas´s repertory to turn it into a animation film, projecting images all around the stage in a 160 square

meter, moving the area in different atmospheres artist´s dreams.

Created by David Arnoldi

Directed and Produced by David Arnoldi

Camera Team Coordination by David  Gonzalez

Sound Team Coordination by AudioRent Ibiza

Music by Javier Vargas

Art by  David Dalmau

Lighting Design by  (Germinal)

Leading Post-production Jordi Piquet

Post Production by Alex Salom, Jordi Piquet & David Arnoldi

Javier Vargas E-Guitar

Peter Kunst Drum & Vocals

Luis Mayo Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Paco Fernandez Guitarra Flamenca

Gaz Person Vocals

Jose Rulo Guitar & Chorus

Tamas Szasz Keyboards

Eriberto Percussion 

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." A. Einstein 

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