Motor Munich / BMW Introducing the new model BMW S3. Barcelona, Spain ©David Arnoldi

Motor Munich / BMW Helicopter flying over the city of Barcelona ©David Arnoldi

Rotary Club Member of the Rotary Club awaiting to be awarded

©David Arnoldi

Rotary Club Members of the Rotary Club on the stage. ©David Arnoldi

Rotary Club Introduction speech for the Awards Gala. ©David Arnoldi

Rotary Club Honorary member receiving compliments. ©David Arnoldi

Rotary Club  Closing speech of the ceremony. ©David Arnoldi

Seat Introducing the new Seat Mii for the members of the press . ©David Arnoldi

Seat Shows during the introduction of the Mii. ©David Arnoldi

Seat Members of the press getting ready for the organised activities. ©David Arnoldi

Huawei Members of the company being entertained during the Mobile World Congress award dinner. ©David Arnoldi

Huawei Company members during the Mobile World Congress award dinner. ©David Arnoldi

Huawei Work colleagues toasting. ©David Arnoldi

Huawei Introduction speech of the president of the company for the Mobile World Congress award dinner at Barcelona. ©David Arnoldi

Menarini Speech of an international cardiologist during the Grand Courses organised by Menarini Group. ©David Arnoldi

Menarini Cardiologists course participants.  ©David Arnoldi

Siris Capital Group Wine & Champagne tasting organised by Siris Capital Group at La Pedrera building, by Gaudí, Barcelona. ©David Arnoldi

Siris Capital Group Participant of the wine tasting having a glass of Champagne. ©David Arnoldi

Siris Capital Group Participants of the wine & Champagne tasting. ©David Arnoldi

Circo Raluy Figure of the circus. ©David Arnoldi

Circo Raluy Circus performers. ©David Arnoldi

Raynald Colom Playing for the WTF! at Jamboree Jazz Club. ©David Arnoldi

Jason Derulo Leaving  the stage of the Opium Mar Club. ©David Arnoldi

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." A. Einstein 

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